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As a wedding celebrant, my aim is always to bear witness to your stories and your life histories as you share them with those you love. This is at the essence of my philosophy; you guys, your stories, your pledge to one another.

That is all you need to bring to the table, and I take care of everything else.

Ceremony for this woman is faith, humility, mischief, the everyday, the sublime, sexiness, great shoes, a nervous champagne, remembrance, tradition and laughter. Above all else we confront and accept one another as we are. Alive, living and in our own perfect colours. Rough edges and all.

Legal Bits:

A Notice of Intended Marriage must be lodged with your celebrant no later than one month prior to the wedding date, and signed by an authorised person. You will still have to provide the appropriate photo identification and proof of date and place of birth (eg birth certificate and drivers licence or passport)      

If either party has previously been married, you will need divorce certificate, a death certificate or proof of the dissolution of the marriage.


My fee is $650 – this includes:

An initial meeting to discuss your Ceremony and complete the Notice of Intended Marriage.

Any additional meetings or correspondence required in order to confirm and finalise your documentation and craft your ceremony.

The creation of an original ceremony that is designed specifically for you
A rehearsal if you would like one.

The provision of your Marriage Certificates including a copy to be kept by you.

All legal documentation and registration with Births, Deaths and Marriages
Unlimited phone and email consultation.

So how do we do this? 

If you’re getting married contact me and we’ll meet to discuss your big day! 


Whilst some couples revel in the excitement and formality of organising a large wedding, there are other couples who choose, for a variety of reasons, to keep things simple, and forego the traditional ceremony for one that involves just a few of their closest friends and family, or even just the couple and their two witnesses (over 18 years of age).

Tasmania is the perfect island escape for elopement weddings, with numerous beautiful secluded beaches, or wilderness areas where the only footprints in sight are those of the couple.

The same legal requirements apply for an elopement as for a traditional ceremony.

Marriage Celebrant Hobart Services
Putting Ring On Finger

Renewal of vows

A wedding ceremony is all about making a public promise to commit to marriage, before an authorised officiant.

The renewal of vows ceremony can incorporate all the happiness and excitement of a wedding ceremony, but is much more relaxed, and focuses on the lasting celebration of your love and happiness, and your continued commitment to each other.

Within your marriage, you have already satisfied all the legal and social requirements for marriage, reaffirming your vows is something you do because you want to. It is a chance to celebrate what you’ve accomplished, and to look ahead to what is still to come.

A renewal of vows ceremony can be held whenever you would like! Significant anniversaries (10th, 25th, 50th) are the perfect opportunity for renewing your vows, however there can be many other special times in your lives that would be fitting to recommit, renew and celebrate with friends and family.

The choice is yours, you can wear what you like, invite who you like, say what you like and celebrate how you like, it’s all up to you.